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ISW Inverter 200-400: Overview & Specifications
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Go Power! GP-ISW inverters are highly reliable DC-AC inverter systems, designed with advanced power electronic and microprocessor technology offering the following features:

  • Pure Sine wave output (THD <5%).
  • Intelligent power management software.
  • Load and temperature controlled cooling fan.
  • GP-SWR-A/GP-ISW-R management and control.
  • Dry contact terminals.
  • Advance protection features;
    • Input over/under voltage protection.
    • Internal over temperature protection.
    • Input reverse polarity protection (fuse).
    • Output overload protection.
    • Output short-circuit protection.


GP-ISW-200 Specifications


Note this test condition is normal DC input and temperature 25˚C


GP-ISW-400 Specifications

Note Normal load Condition Vin =12.5V/25V/50V, Vo=100/110/115/120 VAC 80% load (PF=1.0)


Products covered in this article: GP-ISW-200, GP-ISW-400

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