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ISW Inverter 200-400: Mounting Requirements
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1. Temperature
Make sure the GP-ISW is installed in a location where the normal air temperature is between -20°C and 40°C. The cooler the better within this range.

2. Moisture
Do not allow water or other fluids to come into contact with the GP-ISW. Do not expose to rain, snow or water.

3. Ventilation
For optimum Inverter performance the GP-ISW must be installed so the front and rear air vents are not blocked or obstructed in any way. Do not install the GP-ISW in an area with limited air flow. Allow as much space around the Inverter as possible, leaving at least 4 inches of
airspace clearance around all ventilation areas. CAUTION! Equipment Damage. Do not mount the GP-ISW in a zero clearance
compartment. Do not cover the ventilation openings. Overheating and mechanical failure may occur.

4. Fire
Install the GP-ISW away from the battery bank, away from any flammable or combustible material (paper, flammable liquids, gasoline, cloths) that may be ignited by heat, sparks or flames. Never place the Inverter directly above the battery bank - gases from the batteries will
corrode and damage the Inverter, never allow battery acid to drip onto the unit.

5. Accessibility / Orientation
Do not block access to the GP-ISW remote control access port, status LEDs and the On/Off switch. Allow enough room to access the AC and DC wiring terminals and connections as they will need to be checked and tightened periodically. The GP-ISW must be installed in one
of the approved mounting orientations. DO NOT MOUNT VERTICALLY.

6. Clean
The GP-ISW should be installed in a location which is clean and limits the introduction of dust, fumes, insects or rodents which could enter and block the Inverter ventilation openings.

7. Proximity to Battery Bank
The GP-ISW should be located as close to the batteries as possible but not within the same compartment. The length and size of the DC Cables will affect performance. Long DC wires tend to lose efficiency and reduce the overall performance of the Inverter/Charger.


Products covered in this article: GP-ISW-200, GP-ISW-400

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