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Solar Kit Installation: Locating and Placing the Controller
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The GP-PWM-30 is included in all Go Power! RV Solar Kits detailed in this manual except for the expansion kits (Retreat-E, Overlander-E). The GP-PWM-30 provides the necessary protection for the RV battery system. A condensed version of the installation instructions appear here. Please read the full installation instructions for GP-PWM-30 Solar Charge Controller located here.


Plan where the GP-PWM-30 solar charge controller will mount, see Figure 3-B.



  • The GP-PWM-30 is designed to be mounted vertically in an indoor location inside a weatherproof enclosure.
  • Ideally the GP-PWM-30 should be located so it can be easily seen for monitoring system operation. Locate at eye level (the backlit LED affects viewing angle).
  • The location will need access to the cable ends from the solar panels and the battery compartment. 


WARNING: Failure to secure the GP-PWM-30 could cause it to become dislodged while the RV is in transit and cause severe damage to the unit and/or the RV.














































Products covered in this article: Overlander/Overlander (E)/Retreat/Retreat (E)/Weekender/Solar Elite/Solar Extreme Solar Kits

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