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Before connecting any wires to the Inverter/Charger the unit must be mounted securely in a location which meets the requirements detailed in section 3.2.

The GP-IC-2000 weighs: 39 lbs (17.6kg). The GP-IC-3000 weighs: 52lbs (23.6kg). Take the necessary precautions required whilst lifting, moving and installing the unit. It is recommended to use two people whilst mounting the unit. All mounting surfaces and hardware must be capable of supporting at least twice the weight of the Inverter/Charger.

The Inverter/Charger base can reach high temperatures and should be mounted on a noncombustible surface.

IC Series Inverter Chargers must be mounted in the positions highlighted below to meet regulatory requirements.

After determining the mounting position use the dimensions on page 10 or use the base of the Inverter/Charger to mark the mounting screw locations. Mount the unit with the appropriate mounting hardware (not supplied). Ensure the unit is fastened securely.

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