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Batteries are capable of providing very large currents in case of a short circuit. If this occurs with no DC overcurrent protection, it will result in overheating and melting of the cables and possibly serious injury and/or fire.

DC overcurrent protection is not included with the IC Series. It must be installed between the Inverter/Charger and battery bank for safety reasons and to comply with code regulations.

Use a very fast acting DC fuse or circuit breaker in the positive cable, the fuse should be installed as close to possible to the battery positive terminal. Ideally the fuse/circuit breaker should be installed within 18” (45cm of the battery). The fuse required for DC Cable lengths up to 5ft is detailed in the above table.

In all installations a battery disconnect switch is required. If you install a circuit breaker for overcurrent protection this will suffice as a disconnect switch. If you install a fuse for overcurrent protection, then a separate disconnect switch will need to be installed.

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