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1. Remove all solar panels from their boxes. Set aside the boxes as they will be used in the instructions to follow.

2. Using the solar panel boxes as placeholders, plan the layout of the panels on your RV rooftop. Once you have positioned the boxes correctly, leave the boxes on the RV roof as place holders until the panels are installed. 



  • Placement of the panels should be as close together as possible. Each panel has 3.3’ of cable coming from the junction box. It may be necessary to use the included solar panel extension cables. If required, longer extension cables can be purchased. Please contact your dealer to purchase. 
  • Select a location where the mounting surface is at least 1/2” thick and strong enough to support the solar panel mounting hardware.
  • Solar panels should be located a minimum of 3’ from the front of the RV to reduce wind load on the panels.
  • Avoid internal wiring when selecting the solar panel mounting locations for drilling the mounting holes.
  • Ensure fixed obstacles, such as air conditioners, will not shade the solar panels. (Shading can greatly reduce the performance of the solar system).
  • Ensure there is enough room to access the panels and other fixed obstacles for future inspection and maintenance.
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