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IC Series Inverter/Charger: PREPARING THE DC CABLES

Go Power! supplies 2 ring lugs with the IC Series, which can be used for the Inverter/Charger end of the DC Cables. Source the correct ring terminals for the batteries you are using. * Cut the negative and positive cables to the required length. * Strip off enough insulation so you can install the ring lugs provi…

IC Series Inverter Charger: DC CABLE CONNECTIONS

When installing the battery cable ring lug onto the Inverter/Charger DC terminal and the battery post, do not put anything between the ring lug and the metal surface. Incorrectly installed hardware causes a high resistance connection which could lead to poor Inverter/Charger performance and may melt the cable and term…

IC Series Inverter/Charger: AC CONDUCTOR WIRING

![][1]Make sure the IC Series is fully disconnected from the battery bank and no AC power is connected to the Inverter/Charger before commencing any AC wiring connections. Tighten terminal blocks on both sides periodically to correct torque specs. AC INPUTS WIRING (50A Dual IN, Dual Out Configuration) * Remove th…

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